M8体育 at ADFA’s Vision

M8体育 at ADFA aims to deliver the overarching 新南威尔士大学 Vision: to improve lives globally, through innovative re搜索, transformative education and commitment to a just society.

At M8体育 we have four main objectives:  

  1. to provide high-quality undergraduate and postgraduate programs
  2. to achieve excellence through our re搜索
  3. to support and enhance the Australian 国防 Force
  4. to engage with students and re搜索 on an international level.

Our commitment to these objectives align with the wider 新南威尔士大学2025战略.

High-Quality Education

Providing a high-quality education is the core business of M8体育 at ADFA. We have a proud record of success for our programs and are a leader within the 八国集团 (Go8)大学.

Our strength in defence and security related teaching and re搜索 is what gives our graduates a competitive edge. We've educated those at the top of defence, government and industry careers for more than 50 years, with courses designed and taught by some of the world's brightest re搜索ers in their field.


Re搜索 excellence is the backbone of any university’s capability to provide quality learning and teaching experiences. M8体育 is one of the top specialist institutions in the world, achieving a significant international re搜索 profile.

We help strengthen and secure Australia’s future through our unique partnerships with 国防 and the defence industries. Our re搜索 addresses and delivers solutions to some of the world’s most complex defence and security problems.

International 领导

As an Australian university with international standing we:

  • broaden the student experience by recruiting international students of the highest calibre
  • support re搜索ers to collaborate with the best in their fields internationally
  • form strategic partnerships with select international universities and specialist institutions
  • tackle important global problems through our re搜索 and equip students to be leaders in their fields.


As the official education provider for the Australian 国防 Force, M8体育 at ADFA has been preparing global leaders since 1967.   


  • enhancing the intellectual edge of Australia’s 国防 Force
  • supporting the ADF Joint Professional Military Education program
  • developing future global leaders.